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Adventurer Karl Bushby is walking 3000 miles – one step at a time – from Los Angeles to the Russian Embassy in Washington, D.C., where he hopes to convince the Russian government to grant him a visa so he can complete the longest continuous walk in human history.


On November 1, 1998, at the age of 29, Bushby began walking from Punta Arenas, Chile at the southern tip of South America. Everything he owned was in a makeshift trolley called "The Beast." He only had $300 in his pocket. Since then he has traversed the entire length of South and North America, completed the first recorded crossing of the Bering Strait on foot and progressed two thousand miles into Siberia. His goal is to finish the remainder of his journey across Asia and Europe back to England. To date, he has walked 20,000 miles of the 36,000-mile journey over the course of 15 years.


Bushby grew up in Hull, Yorkshire in England. He joined the British Army when he was 16 and became an elite paratrooper several years later. While he was stationed in places like Norway and Kenya, he was drawn to the diverse terrain and unknown horizons beyond. Bushby began to walk toward those horizons and travel the globe relying on nothing but his own two legs, his resourcefulness and his unshakeable determination. “There are two rules for the expedition,” says Bushby. “Firstly I can’t use any form of transport to advance. Secondly, I can’t go home until I arrive on foot.”


At first, very few people believed Bushby could accomplish his goal. “It’s something the world told me I could not do, and which I knew I could do,” says Bushby. So far he has walked 20,000 miles - he has endured blistering heat and bone-chilling cold, traversed mountains, deserts and jungles, been robbed and detained, evaded armed rebels, been swept out to sea on ice, nearly starved in the rainforest and overcome dozens of other harrowing obstacles. But he’s been supported and encouraged by thousands of people along the way, and that’s what keeps him going. “In all my travels I’ve found that 99.99% of people are good and decent, and want to see me succeed. I hope that by fulfilling my dream I’ll inspire others to pursue theirs.”


Video clips and photos will be available on this site, where visitors can track Bushby’s progress through real-time GPS tracking, walking alongside him virtually as he crosses the continent. Bushby will also post frequently via Twitter and Instagram at @Bushby3000. But you don’t have to limit yourself to the computer screen. Followers are encouraged to meet up with Bushby along his route – to walk with him, bring him a sandwich, or even put him up for a night.

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